Wearable Episode VII StormTrooper Helmet

Author: Geoffro, published on 2015-10-27

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It’s not that you are making money off my work, it is that you are not giving any credit.
Have a look at this youtube video. That’s Adam Savage talking about my Storm Trooper mask he bought in pieces. Do you think it would have been nice if he knew who made it and possibly could have just given some credit? bit hard when it’s stolen and sold without credit. I think it’s clear it was my one as I screwed the scale up to start with and it was the skinny version (without the add ons) so yeah it’s very dssappointing when you find things like this.

Update 28/10/2015

I have made a small modification to parts 3 and 4 – if you printed them already I am sorry, but don’t worry, it was an addition not a fix! 🙂 I put the small details that go on the sides of the helmet (the little round bits)

I also have uploaded the full helmet in one massive STL, if you have a printer big enough to print it in one go, then I envy you!

As promised to many people, here is the Episode VII wearable helmet. This is considerably different to the other smaller Ep7 helmets as it now follows the contour more of what we have seen in the trailers.

I have based the size of this off my previous Stormtrooper helmet (which was 33cm wide) this new one is 30cm wide as it doesn’t have a rebreather on both sides on the new version.

All pieces have been plated ready to print, checked for errors and all parts triple checked they are the right number etc. The youtube video explains the parts and where they go, which can be found below or in the thumbnails above.

I have not had a chance to print this yet, and I probably won’t until after the movie so in the spirit of good will and fellow Star Wars fans, here are the parts. If there are any issues at all please let me know and I’ll correct them ASAP but I’ve been pretty thorough on this one so I’m hoping it should be smooth sailing.

I was going to add the extra’s, but someone uploaded one that works pretty well, just heat up and shape to your helmet.



Print Settings

Rafts: Doesn’t Matter

Supports: Yes

Resolution: 0.3 is Ok as its going to be sanded

Infill: Very low, if not none. Use 2-3 walls/shells.


License: Creative Commons – Attribution – No Derivatives