Author: mrice, published on 2014-02-22

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Reprap printer based on elements of the Prusa i3 and Lulzbot TAZ

Sources at: https://github.com/mjrice/wilson
More info also at: http://reprap.org/wiki/Wilson
Assembly videos (TS): http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL8Y-7ekQy0fT1nlidaN6gXNFdPK6ktJtK

There are two variations of the Wilson design:

  • RS (Round Series) uses M10 threaded rods to hold the Y ends in place. The vertical part of the frame is made from 2020 T-slotted extrusions. (That’s the one in the photo with the orange frame parts)
  • TS (T-Slot Series) uses only 2020 T-slotted aluminum extrusions for everything. (That’s the one in the photo with the blue frame parts)
    Both versions are maintained in the same repository and have mostly the same parts, except for the y axis ends and brackets.



License: GNU – GPL