Z Axis Anti wobble for Prusa I3

Author: jamesarm97, published on 2013-08-28

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Inspired by Radus’ part I re-did it from scratch to fit my needs. I had a pretty bad wobble on my left side from a slightly bent z threaded rod. I could also see where the nuts were wearing from being bound so tight in the x carriage and not being able to move with the bends in the rod. Here is a video that shows my rod and the wobble it has with the part installed: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qlw363e1z_k

This version has an opening that will fit two M5 nuts (spread apart) and then I inserted a 7mm diameter spring that pushes the two nuts apart. This basically adds anti-backlash on the nuts / z rod also.


I removed the existing nuts then widened the threaded rod hole just a little to keep the rod from rubbing on the x carriage parts (we are trying to limit the movement of the x carriage ends. Install the two M5 nuts with a spring between them. I think I got mine from a variety pack from Home Depot. They were about 7mm x 10m and compressed to less than 4-5mm. This will allow the bottom nut to push down on the top of the threads and the top nut to push onto the bottom of the threads. The notch in the end is where the 8mm smooth rod is used as a guide and keeps it from rotating. I had a bad wobble on the left rod and will upload a video soon.

License: Creative Commons – Attribution