Zen Pin

Author: snarkwise, published on 2013-09-23

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A pin connector that contains a Zen Magnet (or any brand of 5mm spherical magnets).

The magnets are free to spin around inside their chambers, so any pin will connect to any other. No polarity problems.


On Replicator Dual I use 10% fill, 1 shell and layer height 1.5.

Try making a batch of pins separate. Then make your own models with the holes, and pop the magnets in. For testing, use the optional plier holes, then you can remove the pins easier if you don’t like the model.

10/02/13: I made the plier holes optional, with the default being no plier holes. They look better. I also tightened the holeTolerance from .5 to .3, so it snaps in nice and stays put. If you want plier holes because you want to reuse your pins on different things, consider also relaxing the tolerance again. I should have this adjust automatically but i’m on to something else already! Actually I’m considering eliminating plier holes. Feedback would be appreciated.

License: Creative Commons – Attribution – Share Alike

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